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State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Kemerovo Region “Kemerovo Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary named after academician L.S. Barbarash”

650002, Russian Federation, Kemerovo Region, Kemerovo, Sosnoviy Blvd., 6

Head of the Department of the Private Healthcare Services and Voluntary Health Insurance

Shaitanova Tatyana Valerievna.








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Cardiovascular Surgery


Accommodation conditions: single, double, four bed rooms

Wards: single, double, four bed rooms

Historical Milestones of Kemerovo Cardiology Center

KuzbassCardiologyCenter has been at the forefront of cardiothoracic surgery since March, 1957, when the first cardiac surgery, closed mitral commissurotomy for mitral stenosis, was performed in the Kemerovo region. The patient was operated in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Regional Clinical Hospital No.1. by an Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, an Honourary Freeman of Kemerovo, a surgeon M.A. Podgorbunskiy.

In autumn 1958 the first angiocardiography lab was opened. In 1974 the first Department of Cardiology was opened as a 40-bed facility at the Regional Clinical Hospital No.1 through the decree of the USSR Ministry of Health “On the establishment of CardiovascularSurgeryCenter in Kemerovo”. In 1975 the number of beds was enlarged up to 50.

In 1989 Kemerovo Municipal Administration decided to build Kemerovo Cardiology Dispensary (KCD) on the right bank of the Tom river in the picturesque pine forest. The establishment of a specialized healthcare facility was driven by the need to enhance the diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities for cardiac care of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

One of the pioneers of the cardiac surgery of the Kemerovo Region, Leonid Barbarash, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, and academician of the RAMS, headed the Kemerovo Cardiology Dispensary. The initiative for its foundation and development was supported by many large industrial enterprises, municipal and regional administration.

In 1994 the Institution was managed by the Director General, Galina Tsygankova, and the Medical Director, Leonid Barbarash.

That year was associated with a huge progress in the KCD provision of highly qualified medical care. The first advanced diagnostic laboratory and cardiology departments were established, including an outpatient service (multi-field regional and specialized cardiac outpatient services), diagnostic departments (functional and ultrasound diagnostics, radiology department, clinical laboratory, etc.) and inpatient departments (acute coronary pathology, general cardiology, rehabilitation, cardiovascular surgery and intensive care units). The KCD also provide additional facilities for other needs of our patients, namely self-supporting units, mobile cardiology dispensary for distanced villages and rural area of the Kemerovo region, transportation service, hotel, etc.

Moreover, that period was marked by profound insights in research and development. The Experimental Laboratory was commissioned for the production of bioprosthetic heart valves and tissue-engineered blood vessels. In 2001 the State Institution “Basic Research and Production Laboratory for Heart and Vessel Reconstructive Surgery” under the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences was founded.

In August 2005 a new healthcare facility for the KCD was opened. The number of beds was enlarged from 142 to 172 and new departments were introduced in the KCD’s structure: Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery Departments. The patient load for the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and Catheterization Lab dramatically increased.

Since 2006 the KCD became a key link in the medical complex “Kuzbass Cardiology Center” along with the State Institution “Basic Research and Production Laboratory for Heart and Vessel Reconstructive Surgery” under the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and bioprostheses production unit (CJSC “Neocor”) providing the integrated healthcare delivery to patients with cardiovascular diseases. The Center became a base for the Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery of the KemerovoStateMedicalAcademy.

In December 2008 the State Institution “Basic Research and Production Laboratory for Heart and Vessel Reconstructive Surgery” under the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences was restructured into the “Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases” under the Siberian Branch of RAMS with great scientific potential and advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities.

In 2010 the Kemerovo Region joined the Federal program aimed at the improvement of health care delivery to patients with acute vascular pathologies. The Regional Vascular Center (RVC) and three Primary Vascular Centers (PVC) were established within the scope of this program. The Municipal Healthcare Institution “Kemerovo Cardiology Dispensary” became a base for the RVC, which coordinates the work of primary centers in the region and provides high-technology healthcare to patients with vascular diseases. Patient with acute cerebrovascular accidents and acute coronary syndrome are now able to receive advanced healthcare in new specialized departments.

Kuzbass Cardiology Center Today

 Nowadays, Kuzbass Cardiology Center is the largest healthcare facility of the European level. It focuses on fundamental and applied researches in atherosclerosis, the development of novel biomaterials suitable for cardiovascular surgery and the training of qualified medical personnel. The KCC became a base for international multicenter clinical trials, which give new insights in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The Center’s management system complies with international requirements and is certified according to ISO 9001. It is the only healthcare facility of the region which has the International Certificate. The outpatient department provides friendly health and care environments to patients with reduced capabilities.


 The total bed capacity of the KuzbassCardiologyCenter is 665, including 540 beds in the therapeutic departments and 125 – for surgical care. Annually over 300 000 patients receive advanced and qualified treatment in the outpatient settings.

 Each year over 18 000 patients receive free care in the KuzbassCardiologyCenter under the Government financial aid, including nearly 4 000 adults and children requiring high-technology surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases and 100 000 patients requiring outpatient medical care.





The Centers of Pediatric Cardiology, Heart Rhythm Disorders, Catheterization Laboratory, Neurovascular Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Outpatient Vascular Surgery are integrated in the structure of the KCC.

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